Guangdong Zhongke Sichuang Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2009. It is a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province, a “contract-honoring and credible” enterprise in Guangdong Province for seven consecutive years, a small giant enterprise in science and technology innovation in Guangzhou, an intellectual property management system certification enterprise, Management system 9001 certified company, environmental management system 14001 cert...[More]
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    Human body temperature measurement smart products
    Human body temperature measurement smart products
    Blackbody furnace
    Blackbody furnace
    Supervised venue smart products
    Supervised venue smart products
    ZKSC-200R Ultra High Precision Ear / Forehead Thermometer Calibration Device
    ZKSC-200R Ultra High ...
    ZKSC-180RGemini One cavity black body radiation source
    ZKSC-180RGemini One c...
    High-precision blackbody furnace 300R
    High-precision blackb...
    On-line infrared thermal imaging body temperature automatic detection system (ZKSC-40R-1)
    On-line infrared ther...
    On-line infrared thermal imaging body temperature automatic detection system (ZKSC-60R-1)
    On-line infrared ther...
    Non-point source black body: ZKSC-500R-02
    Non-point source blac...
    Cavity Blackbody: ZKSC-550R-02
    Cavity Blackbody: ZKS...
    Medical 3D printing
    Medical 3D printing
    Intelligent terminal management system
    Intelligent terminal ...
    Supervision platform combat platform
    Supervision platform ...
    Perimeter security camera radar
    Perimeter security ca...
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    In recent years, in view of the current situation of large numbers of detentions in supervision places, difficult management of supervision personnel, and serious shortage of police force, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department's Supervision Corps (hereinafter referred to as the “Supervision Corps”) has deployed and The Ministry of Public Security Supervision Bureau's smart supervision construction requirements, firmly establish the goal consciousness of "first-class benchmarking, overtaking advanced", firmly grasp the construction idea of "adhering to information-led police affairs, internal service prison security, and external service public security bureau", and strive to pass Three years of hard work to achieve the standardization, standardization, refinement, informatization, dataization, and intelligence of law enforcement management, business guidance, and crime prevention in the province's public security institutions, and to create a “Guangdong sample” of smart supervision and construction. After more than a year of hard work, the province ’s public security supervision department ’s “smart new supervision” construction has achieved initial results, effectively improving the safety factor and law enforcement management level of the institution.
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    In recent years, the Huangpu District Detention Center has established the "Smart Supervision Station, Safety Supervision Station, Harmonious Supervision Station" in accordance with the deployment requirements for "smart new police affairs" of higher-level public security organs, relying on new technologies and methods such as big data and the Internet of Things. Objectives, vigorously promote the construction of "smart new supervision", continuously improve the safety management and service level of the institution, protect the legitimate rights and interests of detainees, and make public security supervision work more legal, scientific, civilized, and humane.
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    Soaring gray walls, majestic armed police, strict defenses ... When referring to detention centers, people often think of such scenes. On July 3, the reporter walked into the detention center of Huangpu District, Guangzhou.
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    Guangzhou Huangpu District Detention Center was established in 1989. They are stationed on one side and undertake important responsibilities such as detention according to law and education to rescue suspects. "1 minute on duty, 60 seconds on duty", for 30 years, they have been guarding the security and stability of the prison day by day, year after year, and redeeming souls who have lost their footsteps ...
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